DermaLuxe Review – The New Skin Care Product to Beat them All or the Newest Scam?

With age quickly catching up to me and my smoking taking a toll on my skin a product like DermaLuxe would be the ideal way to turn back the hands of time and abuse on my skin. I have tried several different skin serums in the past and as I have sensitive skin they have all had relatively negative results. I am not ready to give up just yet though. I am still hoping that one of the serums I try will have an effect and I will be able to compete with the new girls at the front desk again.

As women’s obsession with age and being beautiful will never die new products for “curing” the inevitable become available every day. The market is literarily littered with products for making your skin look younger and wipe the wrinkles, spots, and blemishes away but unfortunately many of these products are far from quality, far from effective, and far too expensive.


What is DermaLuxe?

I check what new products have become available on a daily basis and last week DermaLuxe caught my eye. It had a different design and overall look to the official website and was fresh. Though I know this is far from enough to convince me that it’s not a scam and a quality product, it’s enough for me to do a bit more research.

They claim that this is the solution that will help you wipe the lines and wrinkles away. Not sure how they came up with these numbers but they also claim the following:

  • 84% visible decrease of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 95% increase in production of collagen
  • 73% reduction of the appearance of dark circles

They claim that a recent study has been done on key skin care ingredients, some of which found in this product, and it showed that several hundred women experienced a dramatic anti-aging difference in just 8 weeks when applying the ingredients 2 times a day. Unfortunately though, they share no link for the study, no further information as to who did it or what the ingredients in it were. They claim that 9 of 10 dermatologists actually recommend that you use anti-aging product.

How does DermaLuxe Work?

Well, they do have some information on how the product actually works. They claim that it has been proven to turn back the hands of time and reverse the aging process on a cellular level. The Proprietary Biosphere is combined with QuSome delivery which will ensure that the molecule will be heavier and in turn will be the shape of a sphere allowing for deeper penetration down to the lowest layers of the skin. Made up of natural wheat protein the walls of the penetrating Biofil spheres will allow for a more sustained release of the necessary nutrients to improve skin. Wrinkle reduction is possible because wheat is like a sponge and thus captures the trans-epidermal water loss.

Using DermaLuxe is very easy. The intelligent ingredients will enter the skin upon application which is done twice a day. They then start to work and begin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Unfortunately they did not share a list of ingredients in the official website. Thankfully others that have ordered the product have shared their experience already and have provided a list of the ingredients allowing me to do some further research. Here they are:


Cola Accuminata Seed Extract


Panthenol – Pro Vitamin B5

Benefits of Using DermaLuxe

Chamomile Recutita

I found different trials and studies with each ingredient which could be of use. I recommend you read into them, look for others as well (using Google scholar for more accurate information). I found only one scientific article which contained the name of the product but it was not in English. If you are interested in reading into it you can download it and put it through translation and the auto translate does not work on PDF format files. You can visit this HERE.


Benefits of Using DermaLuxe

Though they did not provide a lot of information about the ingredient they certainly had plenty to say about the benefits.

  • Reduce Wrinkles – the advanced ingredients known for skin repair will give you amazing results where you will experience diminished size of wrinkles, more skin lifting, and a plumping effect making skin less saggy.
  • Skin Repair – the vitamins and antioxidants will enhance and brighten the appearance of your skin smoothing and repairing it.
  • Smooth Skin – ingredients are found in some of the most expensive creams and when combined in this formula they keep the skin supple, resilient, youthful, and smooth.
  • Counters Aging Effects of Stress – also considered immune boosters the ingredients will improve the way your skin fights and prevents the effects of free radicals as well as emotional stress on the skin which make the skin discolored, dull, and drab.

Price of DermaLuxe

I have come to understand that as long as you are well aware of the terms and conditions of a website selling a service or product there is no way that they can scam you. This is why I always read the terms and conditions as in most cases all of the information is not provided where it catches the eye. You get a free trial of this product but receive a full month’s supply where the trial is only 14 days. Your trial begins on the day you order costing you only $4.95 shipping and handling and you must call and cancel (888-947-3564) before the trial period is over or else you will be charge the full price of $92.53 for the month supply. You are also enrolled in their auto-ship program where you will get a new supply every month and will be charged accordingly.

My Opinion

Not that this should be important, you should read the facts, read more reviews, read comments, and opinions before making a decision. I actually am ok with the terms and if the product works the price is actually not much different than others I have seen. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before my skin is very sensitive and it has already proven to react badly to one of the ingredients in past experiments for me with other products. As long as you read the terms carefully, research the ingredients, and find out as much as possible about DermaLuxe before ordering I think that it could be a great option for those looking to have healthier, younger, and more supple looking skin.


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